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How to Control Staff Allowances with Garment Management Software

Category: Uniform Management

If you have a large workforce, you’ll be more than acquainted with the complexity of procuring uniform, workwear & PPE. Ensuring staff in various roles, with different wardrobe requirements and compliance needs have all they require, when they require it, is no mean feat. 

Most businesses we speak to have some form of limitation on uniform ordering to manage budgets whilst keeping staff looking ‘on brand’ and safety compliant. More often than not they are also encountering challenges in implementing these limitations, which often results in frustrated employees, exceeded budgets and/or disgruntled management. 

What if we were to tell you that, irrespective of the limitations/allowances, you have in place, Smart Red can accommodate you? In fact, it can take away the majority of headaches you have dealing with uniform procurement.  Let’s look at the most common types of allowances and show you how easily Smart Red will help you implement them. 

Garment Based Allowance 

One of the two most common allowances that we encounter are garment-based. This is where you have a set number of garments (e.g., 2 polo shirts, 1 hi-vis vests, 2 trousers), and employees receive this allocation within role-specific ‘wardrobes’.  

Smart Red is set up to easily let employees order within their allowances. With a tailored login, linked to their role or location, they’ll only have access to the garments that are available in their wardrobe. Garment-based allowances usually refresh annually and therefore this is the default setting for the Smart Red Platform.  

Value Based Allowance 

The second most common allowances are value-based. This gives employees more choice and flexibility to spend a defined amount on their wardrobe. The Smart Red platform is configured to deal with any currency and can easily allocate a set allowance per employee. This can be dictated by their role, their location, their seniority or indeed their employment status (full time, part time or seasonal staff).  

Time Based Allowance 

One of the benefits of Smart Red is that you can have a mixture of allowances. For certain items, usually PPE and safety equipment, there may be a requirement to order items within a specific timeframe. Smart Red allows this variety of allowances per employees, and sends push notifications if equipment (e.g., lifejackets) are about to approach expiry and require reordering. This keeps you and your employees fully compliant and safe at all times.  


Some organisations need the flexibility of providing value-based allowances to staff, without revealing sensitive pricing information. Smart Red handles this by assigning points to garments, and a point-based allowance per employee. Our clients really value this versatility enabling them to allocate points to staff centred around role, location and/or seniority. 

New Issue Items 

Going through a rebrand? Need to launch new items into wardrobes for your staff? Don’t let this cause you a headache. Smart Red has successfully launched new items for clients without any impact on employee allowances, no matter how much of their allowance has been used.  

No allowance 

If your organisation doesn’t have allowances, and doesn’t plan to implement them for staff, you’re not precluded from taking advantage of the other key elements of Smart Red. Staff can still order their uniform directly, you can still choose whether to implement wardrobes per roles or not. And you’ll still be able to quickly view the ordering history and use the built-in reporting system to predict future spend and budgets.  

Summary of Benefits 

  • Effortlessly manage your uniform budget across all teams 
  • Significantly reduce the administration time involved in managing uniform allowances 
  • Increase employee satisfaction by supplying a quick and easy ordering process for staff 

By providing our clients with a clear and measurable way to monitor their allowances, they have seen admin time savings of 92% and uniform cost savings of up to 27%. What would that mean to your business? Contact our sales team today to discuss how quickly we can put this in place for you.  

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