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Accommodate Multiple Uniform Suppliers with This Apparel Management System

Category: Uniform Management

When you invest in an Apparel Ordering and Management System, it should be adaptable to your specific business needs. Headcounts can grow, uniform requirements can change, and you may even need to add more suppliers to fulfil demand and keep things running smoothly.

The Smart Red platform has been designed specifically to be agile and to adapt to each of our clients' needs. This includes the ability to connect with multiple uniform suppliers when and if required. This is possible without impacting your suppliers, and most importantly, your staff's user experience. 

Let's talk about how Smart Red's intuitive platform makes the transition seamless for all parties.

Smart Red Effortlessly Handles Orders from Multiple Suppliers

Smart Red integrates with multiple suppliers in two ways:

1. Where individual products are only supplied by one supplier, or

2. Where multiple suppliers supply the same product

This may seem like groundbreaking and complex functionality. Well, the truth is that it is! However, the key consideration in our development is that you and your staff never need to know this. In the background, Smart Red handles everything; stock, reporting, sending orders to the correct supplier and ensuring orders can be fulfilled. When your staff order, they simply see the new stock lines added and check out quickly and securely. 

Smart Red Supports Multiple Supplier KPIs

As part of your contract with each supplier, you'll have different targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they'll need to meet, including stock availability, delivery times, accuracy etc. You need a system that can easily handle these KPIs and give you accurate and real-time information. Smart Red controls this all in the background for you, and groups this information together in an easy-to-use dashboard to help you manage your provider relationships easily.  

Smart Red Accommodates Preferential Rates 

Some suppliers provide a price per garment for the duration of the contract. Other suppliers offer incentives for larger orders, and give tiered discounts accordingly. Smart Red can store this data and advise you monthly on where you are with quotas to ensure you are getting the best price from each supplier. 

Smart Red ensures that your suppliers provide you with the best of service and that you remain in charge of usage, data and Management Information (MI). It also makes it really easy for you to proactively control spending, forecasting and ultimately manage your supplier relationships. 

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with the team at Smart Red who are eager to take complex functionality and make it easy for you and your staff.

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