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What Products Can I Import into My Uniform Management System?

Category: Uniform Management

uniform management teamIf you haven’t heard of a uniform management system, it’s a piece of software that takes the guesswork and headache out of ordering and issuing staff uniform. It uniquely allows staff to control their own budget or allocation for new and replacement uniform, and ultimately reduces waste and the administration time for running a uniform program for staff.

As the system is so user friendly, our clients have started adding more to their catalogues on the portal. Let’s look at the range of items that are possible to order through the Smart Red system.

Uniform & Workwear

Smart Red was first and foremost designed for uniform and workwear. Any clothing that can be branded – from polo shirts and trousers to footwear, can quickly be added. The platform was built to deal with the complexities of all attributes for garments including sizes, colours and lengths. It also has the ability to seamlessly integrate with virtually any ERP system, so that all users can quickly order and see availability and delivery times instantly. 

By implementing wardrobes for staff, you can restrict items per user to ensure they can only view and order the items they are allowed to wear. You can then give them set allowances (value-based, garment-based or points-based) to help control budgets and self-serve.


Logically, Smart Red also can handle Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Whether optional or mandatory, employees need to be able to order items including masks, hi-vis wear and other safety equipment to do their job safely. Smart Red has the added benefit of providing traceability to ensure employers and employees are fully compliant with Health & Safety legislation.

You may have a large amount of equipment that you supply to employees across your organisation. Ensuring staff only see and order items they’re authorised to reduces wastage and increases compliance across the board. 

High Value Items

Certain items can be role critical, but aren’t classed as uniform. When an employer invests in high value equipment, e.g., radios, body-worn cameras or laptops, they want to know it has been ordered, arrived safely and when appropriate, returned in a good condition. 

Smart Red is perfect for this. Staff are used to ordering through the platform, and employers can take advantage of the allowances to restrict equipment where necessary. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Bulk Bought Items

As clients have adopted Smart Red to help manage budgets and make uniform ordering easier, they have also included other non-uniform items. Spending on lower value items often bought in bulk, including gloves and safety glasses, can quickly escalate. With Smart Red, you can easily give certain users permission to reorder these items, and if needs be, limit the frequency that this happens to ensure no wastage occurs. This traceability has seen clients reduce spend on bulk-bought items by approx. 30% in the first year of implementation. 

Janitorial Supplies

When clients are used to a quick and easy method of ordering, they can request to add almost anything onto the portal! Office equipment, pens, paper – even toilet roll - can be added to the listings. With the user-management function, you can authorise set employees to have the authority to order non-uniform within prescribed budgets and keep costs down.

Full Procurement Service

Could you use Smart Red for your uniform and other items, limiting spend to authorised users? You need Smart Red! Contact our team today to see how easy Smart Red is to implement.

Find Out More

To listen to our Head of Sales talk about the products you can add to Smart Red, as well as other benefits of the system, click the link.


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