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Does The Smart Red Wardrobe Management Solution Do…?

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I speak with all of our client enquiries, as well as promote Smart Red to potential new customers. Usually in my articles, I will discuss core benefits of the system, or perhaps concentrate on specific functionality that we’ve created. In this article however, I wanted to concentrate on the mindset shift I need to help clients make to truly understand the power of the Smart Red Platform.


The one question that I’m asked, more than any, is, “Does the platform do this?” As a quick answer, I’ll often say yes and explain how the platform works with that particular feature. However the mindset shift that’s required when buying into Smart Red is that the platform is designed to spec for each customer. Therefore, even if the platform doesn’t have the specific in-built feature you require, we’ll build it for you. So, the question you should really ask is, “Could the platform do this?” And my answer is usually yes!

There are a few caveats to that answer. Firstly, your request needs to be logical. Software is black and white. And client requests are usually about the grey in-between areas! Therefore, there needs to be a logical process to any exceptions you look to create from the norm. If it’s logically possible, we’ll build it for you.

Secondly, your budgets and/or timelines may restrict what’s possible. Bespoke development is chargeable time, therefore at some point down the line you may meet restrictions. This is where discussion with our development team is key – what we need to know from you is the outcome you’re looking to achieve, and any challenges you face. It’s our job to come up with a solution that meets that outcome, within your required time and budget. We like a challenge! 

The last mindset shift our clients need to make is that the platform is not all-or-nothing. You can choose to phase your project to suit deadlines, budgets and other external factors (new systems/processes being added etc). Our experience is as true business partners – the more we understand about your business, challenges and future plans, the better prepared we are to guide you through your platform launch and beyond.

We know the Smart Red Platform isn’t for everyone. Some clients want an off the shelf solution that you can switch on tomorrow and that doesn’t need customised. Smart Red is not the solution in that case However, if you are keen to adopt that mindset change, and want to know more about Smart Red, fill in this form and I’ll give you a call to start the process. 

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